What Is Mink Manager?

Mink Manager is a database that will help you keep an overview over you mink farm. With Mink Manager you can get reports with the ease of a click. Mink Manager is easy to use, and you will get the feeling that you know it within the first hour of using it!

Made by mink farmers

The idea behind Mink Manager was to have an Intuitive and fast way of keeping track of your mink. With combining the easy use of touch devices we found that the mink farmer could get all information about a mink right away while standing in the barns. This saves a huge amount of time, while also being able to do so much more than the old devices.

Pro Server Quality

Our Mink Manager Server is specialty built to be able to run for years and years, we have only used the very best parts to make sure that you have good and stable work horse.

Ultra Fast Wifi Signal

The wifi antenna that is connected to the MM server is very important for the mink manager speed, therefore we have used a very powerful antenna. Made for the rough outdoors

Multiples connections

The mink manager server is made to run many connections at the same time so all of your workers can have their own device for maximum effectivity.

Save Money

Mink manager is invented to save you money by making your workflow more effective, To be able to give you a product that is cheap but still perfect for the job at hand, we have built all devices ourself!

Farm Control

Mink & Cage ID

Each Mink have a unique ID, By scanning the mink with your handheld device you can have all the information right in front of you in less than a second.

Family Tree

Go back in time and look at the minks ancestors, find out color, Kid Average etc. We believe this is important in order to make the best possible minks.

Medical Record

Each Mink has its unique medical record, just like us humans, here you can follow all vaccines and medicine the mink have ever had.

Always Updated

Your handheld is directly connected to your server, this means that you never need to think about syncing your devices.

Unique Grading System

Our unique grading system is invented for easy of use on our mobile touch devices. This means that you can grade them while standing in the barn.

And A Lot More

Mink Manager have a lot more to offer: Things like Mink Certificates, Printable test list, Weight and Kid average graphs etc.

Farm Management

Mink Card Printing

With Mink Manager there is no need to buy the expensive mink cards, save your money and print them yourself with a click of a button!

One Click Reports

With a click of a button you have report like how many minks are there in each barn? or what is the kid average for pearl minks?

Diagrams & Statistics

We belive that graphs and diagrams is a good way to get an eays overview, therefore must numbers is support by with a diagram by its side.

Acces Levels

With acces levels, you can choose exactly how much each work can do. This means that a regular worker can’t see all the reports.

Make It Your Own

There are countless oppertunities to make Mink Manager fit your farm. You have the oppertunity to select different cards depending on your need.

To Do Lists

Orginaze your workflow with sending to do lists to your workers. This is implemented together with the observation lists for fast and easy use.