How it all works?

To illustrate how a normal mink manager setup would look like we have made the image below, Very often the server will both act as your management computer with a screen and keyboard and as your server for all the devices on your farm.

3 Different Devices

Mink Manager Server1

The Mink Manager server is the backbone of our system and is the one that will handle/ gather all the information from the handheld and tablet, it can show you vivid graphics and statistics over your farm.

Mink Manager Handheld2

The Mink Manager handheld is your every work tool, it is made to be fast an efficient during both every day task and more advanced tasks, the device is rugged lightweight and something every professional mink farmer always should have on him.

Mink Manager Tablet3

The Mink Manager tablet is device that you use when during a specific task like going through a to do list or weighing and good amount of mink, this will give you even more information than the handheld and will be able to connect with other devices like weight and grading stations.